Volume 12, Fall 2016 | The Unit Operations Lab

Alumni & Industry Magazine
Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
University of Toronto

Unit Ops: A Space for Synthesis
Departmental Feature | Pages 4-9

A place where the abstractions of blackboards and textbooks come to life, theory manifested in the rugged physicality of a centrifugal pump or a distillation column. Unit Ops is where it all comes together. Unit Ops is a space for synthesis.

Interfaces Vol. 12, Page 6

Applied Creativity: How World-Leading Plant Makers Nurture a Culture of Excellence
Alumni Profile | Pages 16-19

"If you can relate something you see in a book to something that is real, that connection becomes instant." [...] From there, true creativity and critical thinking take over.

— Dr. Leisl Dukhedin-Lalla, Interfaces Vol. 12, Page 18

Photos contributed
Interfaces Vol. 12, Pages 10, 20, 23